Spanish Energiser! – Easter holiday intensive for Teens – A2 Elementary


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What will I get from this course?

Don’t get older wishing you could speak another language – learn one now and develop it over the years to come!  Being mono-lingual will not be a good look when you start travelling and maybe working abroad.  “Everyone speaks English” is not only not true, but not a cool attitude!

Spanish is a “world language”, spoken in Spain, most of South America and also widely in the US.  Can you imagine how cool it would be to speak Spanish fluently?  You might be heading off to Peru, Colombia, Argentina when you hit your twenties; speaking Spanish will make the trip much more satisfying.  We focus on getting you speaking, understanding the spoken language and building up your vocab…  Spanish is really not that hard a language and you should make good progress!


Tell me more about this course...

These courses take place in the last few days of each school holiday and aim to turbo-charge your language skills!  We’re not just aiming to improve your school exam results – although our course will certainly help! – but want you to learn to love languages and see how easy they can be if you take things in small steps, learning in the language itself – yes, no English allowed!!  The day (1000-1500) is split up into short lessons of different types, as follows:

  • General language practice
  • Vocabulary and spelling challenge – you will learn words in “sets”, such as sport, food, tech
  • World geography in Spanish – learning the names for countries and talking about their characteristics
  • Tech in Spanish – how to talk about computers, social media
  • People – famous people in the Spanish-speaking world
  • Language games in Spanish
  • Kenetic learning – on your feet playing ball games inside or outside, weather permitting!

And more!

The course includes a Spanish-style snack lunch



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