Exams & Tests

Taking exams and tests in the language you are learning can be a good way of showing that you are making progress.

We recommend that you take what we call a “national” exam – that is, an exam set by a Board based in a country where the language is spoken.

An example would be the exams in German set by the Goethe Institut, which is a German organisation promoting German language and culture (a bit like the British Council for English)

Similarly, for French, there are the DELF exams and, for Spanish, DELE.

There are several renowned exam boards for Italian, also.

Of course there are many exams available for students taking English courses, such as IELTS and the various SELT tests used to validate English skills for study, work and immigration.

Once you get started with us, we’ll talk to you about what exams you might take.

We don’t generally do crammer or booster courses for GCSE/A Level/IB, but any course at the relevant level will help with these exams, as students will improve oral-aural skills and build vocabulary.