Our Range of Courses

We offer group courses in all common European languages – French, Spanish, Italian, German – for both teens and adults.

As well as straight language courses, we offer special sessions that will help build your fluency and grammatical accuracy. Check out our “verbs workout” sessions, for example.

As as Steady Course Ltd business (we also have English Naturally in our portfolio) we have a strong background in English as a Foreign Language and offer courses for learners as well as prospective teachers (TEFL)

We’ll be running intro courses to languages that are a bit more challenging, such as Polish, Turkish, Greek (what’s on offer changes from time to time, so stay connected!)

If English is your first/native language (“L1”) and you feel you could improve your public-speaking, or business writing skills, you’ll find various relevant courses over the year.

Learning languages is great brain exercise – you may find yourself getting younger! – and it really pays off when you travel.

Look out for our special one-off events related to languages and language learning.

We hope you’ll find something at the Language Academy that appeals to you.

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By the way – we don’t do online teaching. We believe group language learning is best done face-to-face – it’s more fun! You learn better in company and you can go out for a coffee or drink after the session, and carry on practising!

But we do use online resources in classes, and we’ll recommend apps and other digital stuff. And we sometimes offer special online sessions, which we keep short and sweet.