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You may be surprised to know that despite having relatively few speakers globally, Italian is the 4th most studied language! Actually, it’s not that surprising if you consider that Italy is a powerhouse of design, fashion, manufacturing and engineering as well as the cradle of European civilisation. From the great cities of Rome, Milan and Turin to lesser-known gems (Pistoia, Urbino, Lecce…) Italy is an amazing place to visit and if you make the effort to learn the language you will see just how welcoming and friendly Italians can be!

Italian Courses

Heritage Italian – young learners

Ages 8-12
10 students max

Course Date


Weeks: 6
Hours: 6


This course is for the children of people with an Italian connection, whose parents want them to keep up their language skills.  It’s a fun mix of activities designed to make the children maintain their enthusiasm for the language and culture.  The course will break for half-term, with no lesson on the 22nd October.
£72.00Per Person

This course has already started, but you’re still very welcome to join. The price has been adjusted.